Ways to wax a car

Ways to wax a car

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Waxing is portrayed as a procedure that includes a layer of shield between the components that can harm the paint layers and the coating. Waxing guarantees that swirl marks, minor scratches and tints are effortlessly evacuated to keep up the outlook of the car. Ensuring the external coating of the car is one of the essentials of keeping up a black car.
There are two ways to wax a black car that can be beneficial for the prevention of scratches.

1. Application of wax by hand
The following points should be kept in mind while applying wax to the car by hand:
 Wax the car in shade. If the wax dries quickly, it would be difficult to buff or remove.
 Apply the wax to a dry car. The water droplets are hard to remove once the wax is applied.
 Apply a thin layer of wax. Always keep in mind the directions to apply the layers of wax to the car. Usually 12-14 hours interval is needed between applications of layers of wax.
 Foam wax applicators or microfiber towels may be used to wax a car.
 The streaks or uneven shine can be removed by a quick detail spray.

2. Application of wax by machine
Waxing a car can also be done by using a waxing machine.
 A soft, absorbent and firm foam pad is used to apply the wax on the car.
 A paste wax or liquid wax can be used with the machine applicator.
 Simply apply the wax on the foam pad whether it is a paste or liquid and put the machine applicator on the surface of the car before turning the machine on.
 Spread the wax over the panel until it is completely covered. Make sure to follow the direction to use the wax.
 And again, turn off your applicator before moving it up from the surface of the car.
 The last step is to buff the car with a micro-fiber towel to enhance the shine of the car.

Concluding remarks:
Black or dark colored cars are not easy to maintain, as a light amount of dust can be easily
visible on them. A special and professional care is needed to maintain the flawless look of your
black car. This care includes timely waxing and polishing to get the neat and finished look which
can be either done by hands or by using a machine applicator.

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