Waxing - Five Reasons to Make in Your Car

Waxing – Five Reasons to Make in Your Car

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There are many options to wash the car, but not all have proven quality and credibility in the automotive cleaning and conservation market. Similarly, this happens with waxing services, turtle wax t 3kt black box kit is one of the best kit for your black cars. It is common to find service providers who do not have the qualification and professional experience to carry out the treatment. In addition, there are also products that promise to solve problems in the paint of your car, such as surface scratches and blemishes, but that do not deliver the expected result.

For this reason, buying a wax or other product for automotive cleaning and maintenance of a brand that is consolidated and benchmark in the market is so important. Even if the value is higher, remember that cheap can be expensive. So be sure to choose the best option.

But, after all, why should I wax?

Waxing is an efficient way to protect the paint from your car or motorcycle. When made with the use of carnauba wax, it is able to prevent damage caused by ultraviolet rays and bird waste and other debris that can damage the car’s paint and bodywork, as well as prolong the durability of your vehicle.

So, we decided to list five reasons for you to wax your car.

1 – Protection for varnish

Carnauba wax helps protect the varnish, which is the last layer that gives the car’s paint shine. When the varnish is exposed directly to the sunlight, it tends to become dry, opaque and without the reflective sheen normally obtained when washing the car.

2 – Ensures less washes

Waxing the car is also a way of ensuring greater durability of the wash. This is because the wax layer protects the paint surface from the vehicle, preventing debris from getting trapped and penetrating the varnish.

3 – Extended brightness

In the same way as it prevents dirt adhesion, waxing also helps maintain the natural and intense shine of the car’s paint. Through the protection afforded by carnauba wax, the gloss in paint tends to last longer in waxed vehicles.

4 – Leaves the surface smooth

As with polishing, waxing helps keep the paintwork smooth and smooth. However, waxing is not abrasive like polishing, it just masks paint irregularities and prevents light scattering when the car paint is clean, without ensuring scratch removal.

5 – Renew the look of the vehicle

When the car loses its luster on the painting, it appears to be older than it really is. Therefore, when we wax it we revitalize its appearance, making it look younger and more conserved, valuing the vehicle at the moment of exchange or resale.

Remember that before waxing the car you need to wash and dry your body well, just as you need to park it in a covered and shady place. The quality and efficiency of waxing are not the same when done in the sunlight, as the incidence of ultraviolet rays in the paint speeds up the drying process of the wax, which makes it difficult to apply and making you use more product.

When should I wax my car?

If your car is 0km, ideally wax it as soon as you get home, to increase the durability of the vehicle’s original brightness. Now, in other cases, it is best to wax the car every 45 or 60 days for vehicles that are parked in covered and shady garages, and for cars that are frequently driven, it is best to wax between 30 and 45 days.

Remembering that this period may vary according to the weather conditions the vehicle faces and the quality of the wax applied thereto.

Which wax should I use?

Waxing should be done with a high-quality wax and performance. You need to preferably choose one that has carnauba in its formula.

One tip is to use Premium Carnauba Wax, it is a high-quality product and is suitable for all car lovers and consumers as demanding as it promotes maximum protection and brightness for all types of automotive paint.

How to use Carnauba Premium Wax

Apply the product on the surface of the paint using the applicator that accompanies the wax, spreading homogeneously and waiting for its drying remove the product with a microfiber cloth, passing round the surface for gloss.

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