The complete wax kit for black cars to maintain the shine and durability of paint

Turtle Wax T-3KT: The complete wax kit for black cars to maintain the shine and durability of paint

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To maintain and protect the paint of the black or dark colored car is a tough job. The scratches and the dust is clearly visible on the paint if the paint of the car is not taken care of properly. The best solution for taking care of the paint of black car is to wax the paint regularly, to enhance the shine of the paint as well as to reduce the visibility of the marks on the paint.

The top recommendation for this purpose is the Turtle Wax T-3KT. It is an all-in- one and a great starter kit.

The key features of the kit are:
 Pre-wax cleaner
The pre-wax cleaner is very useful to remove the tar spots and the bird-droppings from the surface of the car before applying the wax. As it is tinted-black, the formula only hides the imperfections before the application of the wax. It does not actually remove the scratches or swirl marks from the surface of the car. It works for the light scratches and swirl marks but does not work if your car have deep scratches or swirls.

 Spray detailer
The included black spray detailer is extraordinarily simple to utilize and is perfect for waxing and spot cleaning. As the spray is black-colored, it easily hides the light scratches and swirl marks.

 Carnauba wax
The carnauba wax is formulated to provide a deep and glossy shine. It is very easy to apply and buff off. As it does not contain any harmful chemicals, it can be applied using your hands. This wax prevents the car from the scratches caused by the friction of dust particles and the surface.

 Applicator pads
The kit also includes the applicator pads, to make the application of the product easy and user-friendly.

The pros:
The products in the kit are relatively easy to apply and it is easy to remove the residue and dust using the pre-wax cleaner included in the kit. It is a complete kit for the care of a black car.

The cons:
It is recommended to have a lot of cleaning towels while using this kit. As the products in the kit are black in color, the applicators or towels
used in the process would turn black. Moreover, it is not as durable as
the other black waxes as it comes off the surface easily.

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