Tips To Wash Cars Polish Car Exterior

Tips To Wash Cars Polish Car Exterior

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Washing the car may seem like a simple activity but there are several precautions to be taken care of if you want to get an optimal result, especially if you want to polish the car exterior to the fullest. Each step is dedicated to all american car care products, washing deserves a brief investigation, as it has features and small tricks that can be very useful.

# 1 Prewash

The prewash of a car is a fundamental activity to remove the most visible and difficult to remove dirt (for example salt in winter and flies in summer) and decrease the time used for the subsequent washing activity.

To do this, it is necessary to use a prewash, such as HP12, which can quickly remove impurities adhering to the bodywork: rinse the car with water, apply the product starting from the bottom of the car, the bumpers and wheel arches, then go towards the top, leaving the product to work for about two minutes. Finally rinse thoroughly.

For the specific cleaning of midges, we suggest instead Killer, a product able to quickly eliminate any trace of insects deposited on the body.

Dedicating time to the car prewash phase is essential to obtain the best and to make the following washing step safer, avoiding scratches and imperfections due to the passage on a glove or sponge dirty vehicle.

# 2 Washing

Washing the car is a simple task if you use the right products and follow the right advice.

First of all, it is necessary to wash the car away from the sun and in the hottest days remember to work on small areas: divide the car into defined areas and wash by step.

To wash the car, it is advisable to start with the rims and tires with Rims and Tires Cleaners: it will be enough to apply the product on all four wheels and then proceed with the rinsing, to degrease and thoroughly clean all kinds of rubber and rims, from wheel covers to alloy wheels.

Once this phase is over, you can proceed with the shampoo for the bodywork.

The advice of Mafra is to use the two-pail washing method: this technique involves preparing two buckets of water, one for washing where the shampoo will be added and the other for rinsing. Add the car shampoo in the first bucket, for example use Car Wash – Shampoo and Wax or Power Shampoo, then taking care to add water to dilute the product and to generate foam. Start at this point the work starting with a glove, such as Guanto Marley, from the top of the car, while for the lower part is recommended the use of the sponge, rinsing the tools in the special bucket without ever touching the bottom to prevent get in touch with dirt.

Once the washing has finished, proceed with the rinsing of the vehicle with plenty of water. Accurate washing greatly enhances the following activity of decontaminating and polishing cars: therefore, the right attention is required for this important step.

# 3 Drying

The drying phase of the car is important in order not to leave imperfections on the bodywork.

The advice of Mafra is to use Panno Martina, starting from the top of the car and taking care not to press the cloth against the car too much. After completing this step, it is advisable to use Fast Cleaner, with an Xtra Brillance microfibre cloth, to finish the work and eliminate water residues.

# 4 Decontamination

Prewashing and washing are necessary to wash the car optimally, but sometimes they are not enough to remove all the impurities from the bodywork. For this reason, the decontamination phase, divided into chemistry and physics, is necessary.

Chemical Decontamination

Chemical decontamination is necessary due to impurities such as ferrous residues and tar stains, which need adequate products.

As far as ferrous waste is concerned, it is possible to use P-Ray iron remover able to highlight and remove, by changing its colorless to purple color, all the ferrous contamination present on the bodywork.

To use the product, it is sufficient to apply it on the car, wait for the color change and rinse thoroughly using a sponge if necessary. In this way the product will have independently removed all the residual iron.

With regard to tar stains, however, Mafra recommends instead using Deca Flash, which will instantly melt the tar, both on the bodywork and on the rims. It is enough to apply the product, wait for the spots to melt and rinse the treated part.

Physical Decontamination

Once the chemical decontamination is finished, it is the time of passage to physical decontamination, the last step before being able to polish the car.

For this operation it is necessary to use the clay bar and a clay bar lubricant. Mafra recommends the Fast Cleaner as a lubricant, while for the clay bar it is possible to choose between Clay Dark, for dark cola cars and Clay Light, for light-colored cars.

Using the clay bar is simple, but you need some forethought. It is enough to apply Fast Cleaner on the part to be treated, then start the work with the clay on the bodywork in small portions of the car, working by zone, with vertical and then horizontal movements, taking care to often mix it. Gently pass the clay bar on each area until it improves the smoothness of the same.

Finally, remove the excess of applied Fast Cleaner with a microfiber cloth.

# 5 Polishing

Polishing the exterior of the car is the main passage to get an optimal work on the bodywork, in terms of brightness, gloss and depth.

We proceed with polishing to eliminate imperfections that make the car opaque, resulting in loss of gloss and color depth.

Although it is possible to polish the car by hand, it is preferable to use special tools such as rotoribital to obtain better results and to reduce times. Once you have chosen the machine to work with, the second step involves choosing the right products: visit the detailing section of our official online store to find the polish product and the pad that best suits your needs.

In general, it is good practice to understand at what level you want to act: whether to act lightly, with a unique product, one-step polishing, or look for a deeper work, a Complete Detailing, alternating all the polish with multiple steps. The substantial difference lies in the amount of work and cost that one wants to sustain in order to obtain the intended result.

One-Step Polishing

After all the previous steps, it is possible to act with a One-Step polish using only one product from the Mafra Detailing Line: the Polish Refinishine with the Yellow Pad. The combination of these products, in concert with the rotorbital, guarantees an exceptional effect with little work. It is a unique step, with a single product, able to brighten the color of the car in a short time, giving it at the same time more brilliance and gloss.

Complete Detailing Polishing

A complete polish, on the other hand, involves the passage of more polish, with the relative pads, onto the whole bodywork: a real correction of the paint. The advice of Mafra is to start with RegĂ©nera – Ultra Cut Compound and the White Pad to give a first cut to the body, and then revise the whole car with Versatile – Fast & Easy Cut with the Orange Pad so as to start preparing the bodywork for the Polish Refinishine and Pad Yellow. After completing these steps, with the three polishes, Mafra recommends a final finishing step with Supera – Ultra Finishing, to complete the job as best as possible. These four steps guarantee a perfection that will give back to the car the brilliance, the gloss and the depth of color that had just come out of the dealer: like new!

# 6 Waxing

The next step to polishing the exterior of the car is the finishing of the work done with a wax.

For this last process a great product is Car lux, the self-sealing protective wax made with a mixture of selected waxes, able to polish and protect the body of a car easily and in a short time. Using this wax on the car will form an anti-exposure barrier, which will allow dirt and smog to slip, which will not therefore stick to the bodywork: this effect will also resist repeated and repeated washing of the car.

With Last Touch liquid wax, it will be possible with the desired frequency obtaining an effective result with minimum effort, thanks to the precious carnauba present in its formula.

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