The Matte-finish wax and the Gloss-finish wax which one to choose

The Matte-finish wax and the Gloss-finish wax: which one to choose?

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Taking care of a black painted car is a tough task. The car needs intensive care in order to prevent the
black paint from the swirl marks or scratches. The swirl marks on the black paint are not easy to remove.
The light marks can be hidden by using car wax, but the stubborn deep scratches are almost impossible
to remove.

It depends on the preference of the owner of the car if he needs the matte finish of the car or the glossy
finish wax. Both the categories such as matte finish and the glossy wax are available in the market.
These waxes not only protect the black car paint from scratches but also enhances the shine of the black
paint or gives your car a matte look if you don’t like shiny black paint.

There are two kinds of waxes available:

The rat wax (the matte finish wax):
This wax gives matte finish to the black colored paint. The owners who do not like the glossy shine on
their cars can use the matte wax for a finished matte look of their cars.

Some of the advantages of Rat wax are:
 It Protects and cleans in one step
 It Removes water spots, dirt, oil, tar, fingerprints, grease, grime, bird droppings and fuel
 It contains no waxes, silicone, or oil.
 It won’t leave streaks.
 It is intended to care for every paint type.
 It gives a perfect matte look

Barret Jackson wax (the gloss-finish wax):
It is specifically designed for the shiny look of the car. It is available in liquid form. Barret Jackson wax
gives a perfect shine to your vehicle without leaving any streak marks. Moreover, it comes with a
microfiber towel which removes the wax without leaving scratches.

Some of the advantages of Barret Jackson wax are:
 It is a carnauba wax formula which prevents dirt, water and grime to stick on the surface of the
 It does not leave any powdery residue in trims or seams.
 Barret Jackson wax covers all three versions i.e. solid wax, liquid wax and paste wax.

It is totally on the choice of the owner of vehicle to choose between the types of waxes. The main
concern is the non-scratchy and perfect look of the vehicle which can be obtained using any one of the

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