Problems in waxing a black car with scratches

Problems in waxing a black car with scratches

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Black cars can only look great if they are maintained well. Though maintaining the polish and
the finish of a black car is difficult, but it is not impossible. The minor scratches and swirl marks
can be hidden by waxing, buffing or polishing the exterior of the car. But there are several
problems with waxing or buffing the black or dark colored car.

1. The first and foremost problem of the waxing or buffing the car with hands is that it
could be hectic. As waxing a whole black or dark colored car needs a lot of energy. First
the pre-waxing preparation and removal of dust, dirt and other residue from the surface
of the car and then the whole process of waxing, buffing and polishing would take a lot
of time of a person.
2. Another difficulty one might face is the proper application of the wax. As every type of
wax needs different type of directions and precautions, it is difficult for a person to
follow the directions who once used some other directions for another type of wax.
3. A difficulty of using machine applicator arises when a proper medium or foam is not
used with the machine. Which leaves scratches and streaks on the surface of the car.
These streaks are visible on the black paint and look very unpleasant.
4. Then comes the difficulty of application of wax by using a machine applicator. The
electrical cord is dragged from an already polished surface, leaving the polished surface
stained from the cord. The stained surface, then needs to be polished again.
5. Getting rid of the scratches and the swirl marks from a black car is not easy. The waxes
and the polishers can only reduce the scratches. They are not meant to fully remove the
scratches. So with the use of wax, these swirl marks or light scratches are hidden, but as
soon as the effect of the wax vanishes, they become visible again.

The End Note:
Black cars without scratches, look good and elegant. This can only happen if proper care and
maintenance is done for the black cars. There might be some problems in using the waxes
for the black cars but they always provide flawless looks of the car. The above mentioned
problems can effectively be overcome if proper care is taken during the waxing process.

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