Natural Wax For Car Of Sonax 02112000

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Sonax, in addition to wax for synthetic cars, sells natural waxes, like the model that we will see next.   Bring an applicator to help spread the wax along the body of the vehicle. Valid for vehicles of any type, brand and color. It also includes a microfiber cloth, to facilitate steel work.

This kit brings less than 400 g.

The final result of carcauba wax is spectacular, it will leave the vehicle with a new look and a shine that will not go unnoticed. This product is premium quality, and in addition to polishing the car, it fixes scratches and paint flaws.

Its mode of use is very easy, you just have to follow the instructions that we have given you in this article, taking care not to stain the car’s glass, as they can get dirty with the wax, this product being very difficult to remove.

Chemical Guys – E-Zyme Wax

Pure nature in this wonderful wax, with the best Brazilian carnauba.

E-Zyme Natura is our most natural wax, with the highest quality Brazilian wax, along with the tropical extracts that give it an incredible duration and a spectacular finish … 100% natural.

It has 59% in volume of the most high-grade Brazilian carnauba, just imagine the finish it leaves … a shine like no other.

I warn you in advance that this product is exclusive and expensive, although the result it gives is wonderful, it is the best Brazilian carnauba you can find in the market. Do not forget, the yellow boat, which brings about 300 grams of wax.

100% natural wax, with 59% volume of the best quality carnauba existing. You can apply it directly in high-end vehicles, especially in those sports models. The finish, shine and repair are unique, creating a resemblance to the car again, and also, fixing scratches and small bumps of the body.

The purchase kit includes two different applicators, two sponges with which it will be a pleasure to give wax to the car.

The wax of DR.   Wack 2730 A1 Speed ​​Plus 3

If we have previously seen a quality wax, considered premium, this time we will see a synthetic wax for car with enviable quality conditions. Thanks to this wax bottle of Dr.Wack, we will have 500 ml and a sponge that will allow us to apply the wax to the car correctly.

This wax is also valid for motorcycles. The nanotechnology with which this product is manufactured protects the vehicle from adverse weather conditions and gives a finish that leaves the car as new, clean and bright, at least, for 6 months.

It is also valid for all body shades, both sheet metal and metal. The color is Special ka. In your recipe does not include solvents for the good of the environment.

Liquid wax for car Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax

Meguiar’S Ultimate Quik Wax 15.2 Oz.

450 ml of liquid wax in a spray bottle that will give us a wax of great quality, valid for any type of car. Acts quickly and efficiently, giving protection that can last up to 6 months. It is a liquid wax type.

The method of use is very easy, you just have to spray the liquid and spread it with a sponge or a cloth.

Gives the car body new life, can be combined with other products of the brand Meguiars to achieve a polished and a perfect vehicle arrangement. The result is very good in sports vehicles.


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