Methods to keep a black car scratch less

Methods to keep a black car scratch less

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It is usually considered that a white car is difficult to maintain, but the same goes for a black car
too. A black car loses its shine and luster if it has a lot of scratches. But the scratches or swirl
marks are very difficult to identify as they are very minor. To spot them, you have to look for
them at different angles for a black car.

To minimize scratches and dust on a black car, the following are some ways to better care for a
black car:

  1.  Using high pressure water for cleaning
    Harsh scrubbing can be very bad for a dark colored car because it leaves scratches on
    the paint. The carelessness in proper cleaning procedure can lead to swirl marks and
    scratches on the car. But cleaning the car from dirt and dust is also an essential step. So,
    using water with pressure is a better option for this purpose. As it will not scrub the dirt
    over the surface of the car and will minimize the danger of scratches.
  2.  Using high quality cleaning materials
    Another major aspect for preventing scratches on a black car is to use high quality
    cleaning materials. Form the foam applicator to the microfiber towel, always make sure
    that each one of the material used in the cleaning of the car is high-quality and soft so
    that it does not leave scratches or swirl marks when the products are applied or wiped
    off from the surface of the car.
  3. Using car waxes for black car
    Waxes are specially designed to take care of the paint of a car. Some waxes are specially
    formulated for black cars with scratches as well as for brand new black cars, with a black
    tint in them. In this way, they hide the swirl marks or scratches and protects the surface
    of the car form future damage. Moreover, the waxes also prevents the rusting of the
    surface by adding a protective layer over the car. Pinnacle car wax, Rat wax and Turtle
    wax kit along with Colonel Brassy are best for the black cars.
  4. Using manual washing services instead of automatic car wash services
    Automatic car washing stations may leave fine scratches on your black car. The spinning
    brushes can be harmful for the fine look of your car. Instead, the hand washing services
    which do not include excessive rubbing and scrubbing are ideal for the good care of your

In short, the black car always give a royal look. But the maintenance and care is difficult too as
compared to other colors. But if proper care is taken, the black paint can be kept flawless.

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