Making a decision: Waxing or Polishing a black car

Making a decision: Waxing or Polishing a black car

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It is a difficult task to decide whether to wax or polish your black car. One cannot make the decision correctly if one does not know the difference between waxing or polishing. The polishing is designed to reduce the paint defectiveness and to prepare the car for waxing. It is better to use the products that are only intended to be used for the polishing or waxing purposes as the modern cars have a clear top coat which can show scratches otherwise.

Preparing the car:
It is necessary to prepare the car for polish by washing it section by section, starting from the roof to all the other parts of the car, until the car is squeaky clean. As the dust and dirt on the car can be abrasive, it is advised to wipe off the dirt and dust before washing the car. The water should not get under the hood because it could damage the electric parts of the car. Only recommended products are advised to use for automotive finishes. After washing the car, the car must be dried using microfiber towels. Again it is important to note that only soft towels should be used to avoid the swirl marks or scratches on the car.

A better quality polish can help eliminate the swirl marks or scratches. It is noted that polishes can better protect the paint of the car rather than waxes. But it is also advised to use wax after the polishing to add an additional layer of protection to the paint of the black car. As the name suggests, polish do not provide luster and gloss to the surface of the car. It is just a protective layer under the wax. Most polishes contain some amount of wax for additional shine and protection.

Waxes for black cars usually contain carnauba waxes or synthetic waxes. They may be in liquid or paste form. Synthetic waxes provide protection to the paint against sun rays but they do not have much shine in them, while, the carnauba waxes gives glossy shine but they come off easily and do not offer much protection as the synthetic waxes do. The mixture of carnauba and synthetic waxes can also be applied for added protection and shine of the black car. If water beads do not form over the surface of the car, it means that the car needs waxing.

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