Find Out the Best Automotive Wax and Hit the Pick

Find Out the Best Automotive Wax and Hit the Pick

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Do you like to take care of the car? So, this is the right place, after all, nothing a good automotive colonel brassy wax cannot do, right? But understanding the types and knowing which is the best automotive wax for your car requires a little knowledge. Any product used incorrectly can harm the paint of the car, so taking special care with the paint of the car is essential so that it is always with a new face and polished.

Each car and every situation will ask for a special treatment that you may not yet be familiar with. For example, there are situations in which the car needs a professional polishing, in other cases, polishing at home may be the best solution. But for this, it is good to do an analysis and understand in which frame your car is docked. To make the polishing at home are also needed some care with the painting, as improper use of products can cause small scratches in the paint, and to fix the damage, only with micro vehicle paint.

In this text, we will focus only on the best automotive wax and help you with the purchase of the product. Letting your car shine has never been easier.

Another point that you cannot forget, aside from choosing the best automotive wax and the aesthetic and mechanical beauty of the car, is the protection of your well. Hiring auto insurance is critical for anyone who has a vehicle. It is very difficult to predict events, such as thefts, robberies and the like, so being guaranteed against any situation is fundamental. Cote your insurance in Minute Insurance and have the option of more than 10 highly qualified insurers in the market.

Returning to talk about the best automotive wax for your car, there are four models that are better known and will meet your needs, according to the state of the car. They are known for: liquid wax, paste wax, fast lava wax and spray wax. And to know which is the best, we will detail the benefits and disadvantages of each.

The choice of the best automotive wax

For those who still do not know what the benefits of wax are, among them is the fact that it protects the paint from the car against UV rays, bird litter and possible pollution and contamination from day to day. So that the car is well cared for and with the paint in the day, you cannot miss the choice of the best automotive wax. This, of course, when we are talking about the aesthetic part of the vehicle.

In addition, the best automotive wax will ensure more shine to the car, facilitating the routine washes of the vehicle. But before you go out applying any wax in your car, understand what the need is. Ah! An essential tip for applying the wax is that the car is clean, so make a good clean before. A dry cleaning is a good request.

Types of automotive waxes:

Liquid wax

Liquid Wax – Photo Credit: CarGuys

This is a type of wax that has fewer solvents, meaning it can be applied more often than the car’s paint will not ruin. Liquid wax is the best automotive wax to help remove shallower scratches and protect the car’s varnish.

It needs some care, like the fact that it needs to be removed with microfiber cloths. You can use this type of wax in your car from month to month, and the application is quite practical, something around 40 minutes.

Paste wax


PASTE WAX – Photo Credit: Walmart

One of the best-known waxes on the market. It is a stronger wax and used to remove deeper scratches, as well as having much more solvents in its composition. It is found in pink or white colors, it is not difficult to identify them.

For the application of paste wax, use sponges of your own or cotton and always make circular movements to avoid scratching the car. Never apply this type of wax to the sun: wait for shade and get in the car. As it is a stronger and doughier product, it takes a little more time to apply in the car.

Because it is a very strong wax, it should not be applied frequently in the car because the solvent can remove the paint varnish from the car and impair the gloss.

Quick lava wax

A wax very different from the two we have already mentioned. It may actually be considered an additive, which is mixed with soap at the time of washing in order to give the car a temporary glow.

This product has some disadvantages in relation to those already mentioned, such as not removing dirt or scratches and, if the car is not properly waxed, the effect will be practically momentary.

If you take the car a lot in the quick wash, ask them to do the car wash in the shade, as this product can cause stains on the paint, especially if the vehicle is dark in color.

Spray wax



A practical and fast wax, it is the best automotive wax for those who do not have much time to care for the car. It is very good to assist in restoring paint protection, creating a thin layer. It does not have the same benefits as liquid waxes, it does not remove dirt or scratches, but it gives a good shine to the car.

This type of wax should be used on cars previously waxed or polished for the effect to be positive and visible. As the product is very practical, with about 10 minutes you can wax the entire car.

Caring for the best car wax in your car

Always take a good look at the surface where the best automotive wax will be applied. This will be important to ensure the best brightness to your car, not to mention that it will help you not to scratch the bodywork for any small dirt that is in the car.

Also, consider the color of your vehicle. This makes a huge difference at the end of the application. For every painting, there is a better automotive wax indicated, paying attention to that choice is important.

For example, for lighter cars, the best automotive wax is the sealant that contains carnauba, an additive that protects the car for about 8 months. For vehicles of silver color is sensational.

For cars with “citrus” or dark colors, choose products with sealant properties, a component that further enhances the color of cars. This type of wax is very easy to apply and has a durability of about 2 months.

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