Car wax Armor All AA44500SP

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Just spraying improves the brightness and protection. Removes the toughest dirt

It maintains the appearance of a recent waxing. Ideal to touch up the shine and protection between waxed

Contains authentic carnauba wax

Removes water stains and offers incredible shine. Improves the color intensity of the vehicle. Removes dirt and dust

It can be applied on wet or dry surfaces and in direct sunlight. It can be used in glass

The brand Armorall presents a quick wax that is applied as a quick spray,  the bottle brings up to 500 ml. You only have to spray on the body of the car and ready. Contains, in its composition, authentic carnauba wax, giving greater quality to the finish.

You can choose between 2 spray options, one more liquid and one thicker, you will not have to be an expert in car cleaning to be able to use it.

According to the manufacturer, removes stains from the car giving a perfect shine to the vehicle. Also, clean, remove dirt and dust leaving the car perfect. Its application can last up to 6 months, maintaining the appearance of a recent waxing. It can also be used in glass.

In addition to sports, its application is valid in any vehicle, even on motorcycles.

Wax and polish kit of the San Marino brand

Shampoo 100% active material. Possibly the best shampoo on the market. Super concentrated for numerous washes (50 washes / liter). A small dose is enough to clean a complete vehicle.

Deep cleans quickly and efficiently respecting the colors of the body and all surfaces. With autosecante and polish for a perfect finish of the body.

Includes a professional sponge of maximum strength and durability that allows to remove dirt on all surfaces without causing scratches.

A wax that also shines, this is how this San Marino brand kit is presented, which keeps the price quality parameters that we look for in our mini guide. They are 2 liters of liquid wax in total, for very little price.

The lacquer is applied directly to the body of the vehicle, has a protective effect, in addition to leaving the vehicle as clean and very bright. Fix scratches, scrapes and scrapes.

It is applied quickly and easily, you only have to spray the wax in the car and with a sponge to expand it throughout the body, giving more effort in those areas that need it. Valid for black, red, blue and pearly paintings. You can also apply on motorcycles.

The kit, in addition to the described, adds a suede and a sponge for optimal application.

A maximalist product: 1kg of Kitauto wax

Do not prattle by hand, with this kit and a small drill or battery machine you can polish and polish the body of your car

Easily removes surface scratches returns the shine as if it were new reviews rubs

Do not forget to protect your body after polishing it with our body sealer, and you will achieve a deeper shine without reflections. (Not included)

Content: 1 / 2kg polish 1 cut, 1/2 kg polish2 shine, plate for drill, yellow sponge cut, gloss black sponge.

This product is Sold by auto kit spainsl and managed by Amazon. It does not contain silicon or ammonia, promising the highest quality in the product, and, in addition to polishing the body, polishes it. The boat brings up to one kg of product. Also valid for motorcycles.

It will give the expected performance especially in vehicles that require a high brightness. The only thing that the manufacturer asks is that it be applied by hand, without machines, through chamois, rags or sponges. It is recommended for professional use, such as vehicle sales stores. Your result after the application can last up to 6 months.

It does not harm the environment, since its composition is low in VOC not dangerous product. It eliminates small marks produced in the vehicle like scratches or small blows.

It comes in a boat 16 cm high, so you can take it without problems in the vehicle itself.

MA-CARLUX wax mixture

Wax to protect protection protects car body Long lasting shine Polish and wax carnaúba ma-fracarlux

If there is a brand known for its quality in car products that is Carlux.

This Carlux wax is composed of a mixture with axilosano whose application in the vehicle will give an optimal result. Valid as polish, body cleaner and fixes scratches and small bumps.

It is easy to use, you must apply directly on the body of the vehicle and extend, without mixing with anything, with a rag or sponge clean and unused. Its drying leaves a difficult result to achieve with other products of the same category, leaving a so-called “silk” effect.

Carlux wax does not contain abrasive or polluting products in its mixture, so it can be applied to any vehicle, especially in sports vehicles. It complies with all environmental protection regulations. It is sold in boats.

Amazon gives you the opportunity to buy more units for less price.

Meguiars Gold Class car body wax

Improved formula L? SST deeper and bright shine reflections

Special mixture of carnauba wax and varnish Safe Polymer Protection

Our last product is a high-quality wax. With a formula that allows, in addition to polish and polish the vehicle, fix body scratches. The shine that creates its application is very deep and durable, in addition to removing dust and dirt that may be embedded in the body.

Mix synthetic elements with natural carnauba. Applying very little wax, we can have enough for the entire vehicle.

You will have to know that the application of this paste can cause drowsiness or dizziness, skin irritation, so its use is recommended with protections such as gloves or glasses.

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