Car Cleaning Products. Inexperienced Customer Using Shampoo and Malco Wax.

Car Cleaning Products. Inexperienced Customer Using Shampoo and Malco Wax.

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Malco PRO has a wide range of products for cleaning cars using best spray wax for black cars, including hygiene, polishing, shine and protection, among other things. Besides the versatility, the American brand presents a great yield and easy application, it can be said that Malco offers products of professional quality that can be used by people without qualification and who have basic instructions on the application. To prove this thesis, we talked with Thiago, owner of a black Clio Campus, with no experience in washes and crazy to leave his car clean and shining.


1st Stage – Removing Dirt with Water

The most suitable is to use a WAP High Pressure Washer, but Thiago has a common hose at home and the tap with plenty of pressure. The process has no secret, all the dirt has been removed with water.

Step 2 – Rinse with CW 37 Shampoo and Dry

The CW 37 is fantastic, 50 ml can be diluted in a bucket of 20 liters of water, keeping the scent and foam in the ideal amount. The microfiber cloth was wet in the bucket with the CW 37 and applied in the car, starting from the ceiling until reaching the bumper. As the cloth began to dry, it was wetted again in the bucket with the shampoo, until applied the same in the whole car. Later, Thiago used another microfiber cloth and dried the whole car.

Stage 3 – Application of Wax

Our customer was very scared to use the wax improperly and leave his car stained, but was very surprised at the ease of application. Malco Nano Care Cream Wax Wax Cream was used, so the car could not be hot (on or exposed to the sun), to prevent the wax drying very quickly. The Lake Country foam applicator was moistened with wax and, with linear, non-pressing movements, the hood was “lightly greasy” with the wax, in order to spread the banana wax throughout the place to be protected.

Step 4 – Part gloss

Checking that the “greasy” aspect of the wax began to become solid, Thiago used another microfiber cloth to polish the piece through smooth, linear movements until the wax disappeared, giving rise to the expected brilliance.

Each piece had the wax applied and after about a minute and a half (time for drying the wax), the bodywork has already been polished.

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