The best wax for the cheap car – 2017 Purchase Guide

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Do you know that your car will be much more striking and newer if you apply a wax to the body?

Well, in the next article, we will show you what kind of waxes you should use, what they are used for, how to apply them and, above all, we will show you which wax model you should acquire according to the characteristics of your vehicle.

But before reaching the conclusion of which is the best car wax that exists in the market, let’s see the differences between the different types of wax.

Types of wax that can be applied to the car

In this typology, we will find from synthetic waxes, to natural and liquid waxes.

Synthetic waxes for cars are those that use many chemical elements for their composition, useful for sealing and protecting the vehicle body, as well as leaving it clean and shiny. The new products use very diverse mixtures.

The natural waxes, for its against, use only one element, and although it is a peragrullada to say it, it is natural. It is none other than carnauba from a tree in the wettest forests of Brazil (specifically, Coperniciaprunifera). This wax leaves the car with a very special shine, enhancing its colors.

Then we have the liquid waxes. These waxes are synthetic or natural waxes, but after being processed, they have become liquid.

How to apply the wax so the vehicle looks shiny

The wax is easily applied to the vehicle body. You just have to have, of course , the wax itself, sponge polioespuma or cloth, and paper towels or wipes microfibre , to cleanse if you spots. You will have to use the sponge as a tool, so you must impregnate it with the chosen wax and then extend it slowly and circularly, without tightening it too much.

Go polishing, and removing that wax that becomes goop. When the wax dries, remove the wax that has not been well with the cloth.

The best cheap car wax of the moment:

We go with our analysis of ¬†different waxes for cars , cheap and easy to find for sale. Of these 10 waxes, we will give you the title of “the best” to which we believe that it has the best value for money.

Synthetic car wax Sonax 02961000-544

Brightener with color pigments and traces of wax based on nanotechnology

Cleans, polishes and preserves all colored and metallic paints in a single operation

Small scratches and paint flaws are covered thanks to the color pigments and protected against corrosion

It gives the paint a radiant color strength, a shiny shine and a long-lasting protection against corrosion thanks to the small wax nanoparticles

Of black color for cars of the same hue, Sonax brings us a polishing wax with pigments of color and traces of wax, last generation in technology (nanotechnology) that, once applied to your vehicle, you will believe that this is new, due to the rejuvenation of its color.

You can also find this same wax in other colors, especially designed for use in gray cars.

In addition to polishing, clean and polish the body of the vehicle, serving as protection from the weather, covering scratches and defects that may have caused in the paint and sheet. It uses the Color Pen model, considered of very good quality for the fulfillment of these tasks.

The bottle brings 500 ml,   enough to apply in a vehicle without having to buy another unit.


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