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“It was just a silly stroke of luck that helped me discover the perfect car wax, I was in one of the most enjoyable shows to go and I ran into a guy who was polishing a few fingerprints made by the bell. He did this, I told him how good his car was and I thought the wax job was amazing.

More than a simple “thank you”, has more or less ignored me. Seeing that your mind is focused on other issues, that you thought about it that kind of wax used you can ask for and get an honest answer. That tactic did not work. He upstairs lied and told me that he used mom wax.

I used to mother from before, and although it is a good wax, it does not shine so. Thinking that my search was not over, I went back past his car when I looked in the window on his side and noticed a jar of wax sitting in the back seat. He must have discovered that when he took the cloth swab to clean the fingerprints.

“It was a black can with a yellow stripe on it made by 3M. (That did not look like the mother wax to me.) I was so excited to discover his secret, that I did not even bother to lick my fingers and run. by the center of his chest for the lie, he said.

Hard to find Wax

Talk about a difficult find wax. I went from store to party store looking for 3M 39526 Perfect-It Pasta Show Car Wax Ultra High Gloss, but nobody had. They had all the 3M products, but it was not black tin with a yellow stripe.

You might think that a wax that makes a deep shine as reflective and is used by professionals, it would be easy to find. But is not.

I finally wound up at NAPA and the man behind the counter told me he could order special for me. I was tired of chasing these things down, so I went ahead and asked for special from him and resigned to relax for the next three days.

Three days later, he did not call me. On the other hand, that should not. I was in his shop at two in the afternoon, asking to pick up my order. He told me that the shipment had just entered, but I had not had the opportunity to go through it again.

Indeed, when he received a short break, he returned and lost the ball a couple of boxes and I found what I was looking for.

It was not cheap, but it was the wax of the most expensive car in the world either. After paying for this, I went home in a hurry to deal with this matter.

 The first application

When I got home these things, I could not wait to break up. When I did it, I noticed the right side of the stick that this was different from any other paste wax I have ever used. Unlike other waxes, this is a light cream color that seems almost obvious. It also has a pleasant scent of vanilla, but that is neither here nor there.

My black Blazer had to be tested. Not only do I want to see how this wax made in black paint, it was the only vehicle I had washed in the last two days. Not to mention, what is desperately needed.

This matter went on easily and does not take long to go a long way. Although it is not a quick wax application.

Of course, I did the first bell. And I did it only half before the hand polished. Even with my hand rag I could get a good vortex to go, but I’m not in vortices so I’ve prepared and stepped back to take a look.

I could not believe the difference made by only one side of these things. He made pop painting work never show up before. I could say that this is the best wax for the black paint I had ever seen. It was deep and had a brilliant. It also gave it a bit of a wet look that I’ve never been able to get with any other wax.

After that, I was so excited, I went ahead and applied to the rest of the truck before polishing clear. I know, that’s not how you should do it, but I did it, and it turned out great!

Speaking of longevity! That question has lasted all summer. Being that I live here in the hot sun of Florida and I have used this material in black paint, that is not an easy task. This has to be the best car wax for black cars I’ve found.

If you want a great shine in your car, you have to better use the car wax of the world and polish it. I cannot say how much you really need to get these things and give it a try. In my opinion this is really the best money you can buy wax for cars.



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